Tapestry United Methodist Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you have a church building?

Although we may someday have our own building or our own leased space, it is important to Tapestry Church that we remember that the church is the people, not the building. We are lucky to be able to worship at the Wildlife Experience / CU South building for an affordable price. This allows us to use the offerings we receive for missions and for other programs which advance people’s relationship with God.

Our giving evidences our thanks to God for all God has provided. Our giving evidences our trust in God to provide all that we need. Our giving evidences our faith that God is still at work in the world and that we can be a part of the changing of lives for the better.

How are financial gifts used?

We believe that our budget should reflect our mission, and we work every year to strengthen that alignment. We also believe in honesty and transparency in our finances. Every fall, the Tapestry leadership team will ask for members to make a yearly estimate of giving for the coming year. Then, they draft a budget for congregational review and discussion. This budget will outline spending estimates for things like overhead and payroll, as well as the general missions spending for the coming year. After receiving feedback and yearly estimates of giving, the Administrative Council will publish a final budget for the year.


Other questions? Contact us at info@tapestryumc.org

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