Tapestry United Methodist Church


We believe that God is known to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the Creator of the universe, the Sustainer of the world, and God is working to redeem the world and the people within it from the broken state in which we find it and ourselves.

We believe that the love and grace of God is available to all people and that all people have the opportunity to respond to God’s call. Therefore, whatever your situation or background, your age or race, your sexual orientation or gender identity, your political leanings or your theological foundations, you are welcome to join us and explore what it means to be a part of the family of God.

We believe that the Church, like a hospital, is a place where we come to heal. If you are expecting to find a church filled with perfect people, you are in the wrong place. We believe that all people fall short of living out the fullness of the Image of God in which we were created. However, while we are not perfect, we are forgiven. It’s why Jesus came.

We believe that there are four primary guidelines we have available to help us understand our faith, who God is, and who we are in relationship with God. Our primary guideline is Scripture. We believe that the Bible is God-inspired and contains essential truths that can be difficult to discern, difficult to understand, and difficult to fully live out. It is in that process that the guidelines of Christian Tradition, our Experiences with God, and our Reason can inform our understandings and insights.

Because everyone reasons differently and has had varied experiences with God, we believe that no one person has all the answers. We, therefore, believe that disagreements over theological opinions are okay, so long as they don’t conflict with Christian essentials such as the co-eternal divinity of Christ, the forgiveness of sins through Christ’s crucifixion, and the promise and hope we find in Christ’s resurrection.

We believe that Jesus meant what he said when he identified the two primary commandments as “Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39) As such, these commandments will guide all that we do.

We believe that any and all good works we do are done as thanks-filled responses to the awesome love and grace of God. We are therefore called to show love and to work for justice for all people – feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick, freeing those in bondage, and being a voice for those who have none.

We believe that all we do should be done to bring glory to God and to help people fall deeper in love with God.

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