Tapestry United Methodist Church


Worship services at Tapestry are held every Sunday in the CU South Denver/Wildlife Experience Building at the corner of Lincoln Ave and Peoria St. (see the map below). Services begin at 9:30am and last approximately one hour. Holy Communion will be served at each service.

Tapestry worship services are a unique blend of modern elements along with elements that have been passed down from the ancient church. The purpose of our worship is to encounter the living God, to offer thanks and praise, and to pray for God’s continued revelation and guidance in our lives. The services are designed to help us all to further our spiritual growth, learn to live lives that reflect our faith, and to inspire us to want to become more effective disciples of God as revealed in Christ Jesus. Music in the services come from many different genres, ranging from hymns to praise songs to the occasional gospel.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to join us. And when we say everyone, we mean EVERYONE! You will be welcomed warmly. Dress casual. Bring anybody you’d like. And, above all things, be yourself! If you desire to experience the love and grace of God, to follow the example of Jesus, and to live in peace with your neighbor you will find in us a home.

After the service, you are invited to stick around for our Sunday School time, during which we will have discussions and occasional studies of scripture, current events as they relate to faith, and theological concepts that are relevant to the Church and to our lives in the world.

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